Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Skin Care Review

Hello everyone
I cant believe that it has literally been months since I last blogged, I think like with most things I gave up a little but think id like to start again as I did really enjoy writing on here. I thought I would do a sort of mini review/ recommendation type post on a skincare product which I absolutely LOVE!. I cant even stress how much.

The product my favourite is the Freederm fast track gel. I bought this in my local superdrug store for £5.29 for just 25g. For me this is fairly pricey, I kind of thought this would probably be a waste of money and time however I couldn't have been more wrong.I have always suffered with pretty bad skin, not as terrible as some people, but it has always been a problem for me, It can be extremely confidence damaging having bad skin and has literally made me feel so awful at points I have avoided leaving my house. This product has dramatically helped my skin, it shrinks your spots and makes them very easy to cover, It does cause a bit of a burning sensation when first applied, and is quite gloopy yet dries up after a few minutes and protects the spot to stop it from worsening . I honestly cant express how amazing this stuff is, if you have bad skin give it a try I guarantee you will end up using it religiously every night like I do!!

Below is some pictures of my skin, the first two above pictures are before I started using the freederm and the second two bottom photos are the after pictures where you can see much clearer skin without the redness I had before.

Argh bare faced selfies, scary aha honestly though I love it and really do recommend this product if you have bad skin or if someone you know does and needs some help with it. Let me know in the comments if you are going to give it a try, or have and what you think of it
Much love Rosarie X.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Black and Tartan

Hey derreee,
So today I threw on an outfit, this is my cant be bothered sort of look which is basically a pair of navy jeans heeled boots,black jumper,tartan scarf and bag. Sorted.
I do apologise for the photos there's a few on my camera and a few on my iPhone basically the camera went flat on me and the pictures I took were extremely quick and not very good! On the plus side at least I'm making some effort with my blog. :) 

Tartan Scarf- Primark
Black Jumper- Mums 
Dark Jeans- H&M
Black Heeled Boots- Primark
Silver rings- Primark

Oh did you guess I shop an awful lot at primark, Its amazing some of the lovely stuff you can get from there. I got this scarf a while ago now but I don't think people would naturally assume its cheap although if I remember rightly it was only something like four pounds which is brilliant. I love how tartan and red lipstick look together, no scrap that I just love how red lipstick looks with anything!.  Sorry about the picture quality and edits I promise future posts will be better! its a work in progress at the moment so im using different cameras and getting used to outfit posts.

 Is tartan your fave too this winter? would love to read your comments they make my day :)
Rosarie. X

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Eyelash Review

Hello there
 I've been seriously bad with this blog and need to get it together, quite honestly I have no reason other than my terrible habit of never sticking to goals!. So I thought Id do another review! Recently I have become a little obsessed with eye make-up and in particular fake eyelashes.  In the past I have not been able to wear them as I would usually end up somehow glueing my eyelids together, okay well not literally but lets just say it wouldn't ever end well. Not so long ago I attempted to help a friend put some on but I failed miserably and she ended up putting them on me. From then on I literally couldn't stop wearing them and figured out how to put them on properly.

On monday I went to superdrug and bought the lash natural edition 11 eyelashes. I only paid 2.79 for these as they were on sale! I think that's pretty cheap for decent eyelashes. These are reusable and come with a small tube of glue with is pretty strong and holds the lashes in place for a long period of time. Apologies for the 'selfies' I thought it would be good to show you how they look on and I quite like them. They are pretty long and aren't the most natural I've seen but they look better with a few coats of mascara and some eyeliner.

Below is the packaging they come in and as you can see they look fairly long.

They are a little hard to put on straight as they bend very easily and are very lightweight, the glue is quite strong so you don't need too much of it, its also bright white rather than translucent so you can see it much easier which I think is good in order to get them evenly coated. The best thing about these eyelashes is the way they feel on, they are so light you forget you are even wearing them, with other eyelashes you are conscious that they are there, and they can at times be a bit irritating  giving you the urge to pull them off, but these feel perfect on! and are great for everyday use. 

 Basically these eyelashes feel nice on look nice on and are soooo cheap, so really you cant go wrong with them can you. Have you got any good false eyelashes or do you like these would love to read your comments.


Thursday, 29 August 2013

Summery Outfit Post

I'm loving the gorgeous weather, so I thought I would do another outfit post on what I am wearing today. I love this pink chiffon top, its so light and perfect for summer but the only problem is I hate my arms! and this really does show up your arms. So Last minute I took a photo of the outfit paired with a denim jacket which solved the fat arm /streaky fake tan issue.

Pink Top- New Look 10.00
Grey Skirt- Primark 5.00
Denim Jacket- Primark 20.00
White Lace Shoes- H&M Sale 5.00
Bracelet- Charity Shop 5.00

Sorry about the poor quality had to do the photos on my phone, leave a comment letting me know what you think would love to read it!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

NYC Lipstick Review

When making this blog a few days ago I decided to mainly write about fashion because that's normally what I want to see on other peoples blog. But I also pretty enjoy seeing others makeup purchases and recommendations so I thought Id do a quick makeup post myself.
This is my absolute most favorite lipstick ever. Its the NYC 432 Red rapture and it costs only two pounds which is a absolute bargain, its more of a dark, less in your face red and literally stays on for hours.
Sorry for not including a photo of the actual tube I use it so much the writing has completely rubbed off!. If you like the lipstick then look out for it in your nearest Superdrug, the colour looks best when worn with a simple outfit without too much going on. Obviously when buying makeup as cheap as two pounds its not going to be amazing, but I must say for the beautiful colour and great price you just cant go wrong.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Leather And Denim

So today's outfit is a little boring, but in the miserable rainy weather I love to shove on a pair of dark jeans and a floaty top. I've always liked leather but never known how to wear it, so when I saw this white top with the gorgeous leather collar and sleeves I just had to get it.


Sorry not as many pictures as last time was rushing as it started pouring down hence the state of my hair. The top was really good value for only £8.00 and was bought recently so will still be in your nearest Primark if you would like to get it for your own wardrobe.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think ......

Friday, 23 August 2013

Statement Necklace And Pencil Skirt

Today the weather was gorgeous so I thought it was about time I wore my black pencil skirt, I dont like to 'overdress' so I basically tryed to make it as casual as possible wearing it with a baggy grey jersey top, flat shoes and a large gold collar necklace which I'm slightly in love with and wear all the time.

Slightly awkward because every single item I am wearing is Primark, yes I love cheap shopping. I'm  constantly in there, but I really do think if you shop around you can find some really nice things. I love  wearing this outfit its pretty comfortable although sometimes the skirt can be a little restrictive.

Let me know what you think of the outfit post, how would you style a pencil skirt?